Pitstop for the Birds

Migratory bird populations are in a steep decline; they are calling for habitat.

From a bird's eye view, we can see 500,000 opportunities.

Pitstop for the Birds is developing a route forward for a regional approach to utilize electric vehicle charging sites' stormwater management requirements to restore migratory bird stopover habitat while also encouraging patrons to have an experience in nature.

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1. Establish evidence-based design protocol
2. Develop a marketing and outreach campaign
3. Build a collaborative framework
4. Design and build a proof of concept
5. App and map development

 Southern Conservation Partners is a nonprofit public charity and serves as our fiscal sponsor.  Tax-deductible contributions to Pitstop for the Birds should be made through SCP.  Click the Donate button below to be directed to their PayPal donation page. Thank you! 

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